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According to various news outlets citing anonymous sources, last week’s heightened state of alert on US military bases was due to credible threats of Russian-linked sabotage plots.

What happened:
The security alert, first reported earlier this month, specifically pointed to threats against several US military facilities, including the US European Command base in Germany. The alert level, raised to Force Protection Condition “Charlie,” indicated a likely terrorist action or targeting against personnel or facilities. This marked the highest security alert level for US installations in Europe in a decade.

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According to CNN, “The intelligence the US received suggested that Russia had included US bases and military personnel as options to attack via proxies, the sources said — similar to plots that have been carried out or disrupted across Europe in recent months.” This development follows previous warnings from Western intelligence agencies about increasing Russian sabotage operations targeting various European sites. Russian officials have dismissed these warnings as “fear porn” and “propaganda.”

Despite the claims from Russia, NATO has significantly increased its intelligence sharing regarding Russia’s covert sabotage activities, which have reportedly been more “brazen” in recent months.

Some recent arrests for those accused of plotting sabotage attacks in support of Russia:

  • In April, two German-Russian nationals were arrested for plotting bomb and arson attacks, including on US military sites.
  • Polish Interior Ministry reported that 18 individuals have been arrested in the past six months for collaborating with Russia or Belarus in hostile activities or sabotage.


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