Real News No Bullshit is one of America’s fastest-growing unbiased news media organizations that covers domestic and global issues around the world. Started in January of 2021 by our founder Jon, Real News No Bullshit has substantially grown our viewership over the last year and continues to expand daily.

Jon started Real News No Bullshit after being fed up with mainstream news media in the United States (both left & right). As Jon says “I had to watch three different news stations to get the full story, it became tiring…I wanted quick facts, not the bullshit.” At first, Jon began posting news articles from his phone and would share them with a liberal and conservative friend prior to posting. After reading revisions from them he would do his research, make edits if need be, and then would post. After one month, Real News No Bullshit gained 5,000 followers. As the page continued to grow, Jon eventually added a team of journalists to write articles for our viewers.

Today, Real News No Bullshit retains 4 full-time reporters that are from the left, middle, and right. All of our articles are critiqued by our journalists with other political biases to ensure everything is fair and balanced. We report facts, not opinions. We report news, not bullshit. This simple policy has resulted in huge success for our platform.