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12 former US officials who resigned over the United States support for Israel’s war in Gaza have raised alarms about the potential risks to national security.

In a letter released on Tuesday, the officials condemned President Joe Biden’s support for Israel, accusing the US of “undeniable complicity” in the killing and starvation of Palestinians in Gaza. The former officials wrote, “America’s diplomatic cover for, and continuous flow of arms to, Israel has ensured our undeniable complicity in the killings and forced starvation of a besieged Palestinian population in Gaza. This is not only morally reprehensible and in clear violation of international humanitarian law and US laws, but it has also put a target on America’s back.”

The officials added, “Rather than hold the Government of Israel responsible for its role in arbitrarily impeding humanitarian assistance, the US has cut off funding to the single largest provider of humanitarian assistance in Gaza: UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestinians. Rather than using our immense leverage to establish guardrails that can guide Israel towards a lasting and just peace, we have facilitated its self-destructive actions that have deepened its political quagmire and contributed to its enduring global isolation.”

While President Biden has publicly urged Israel to exercise restraint, his administration continues to provide substantial military and diplomatic support to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government. This backing has prompted a series of resignations since the conflict erupted following Hamas’s attack on southern Israel on October 7. Among those who resigned is Maryam Hassanein, a former special assistant at the Department of the Interior, who joined other ex-officials in denouncing the US stance.

The letter comes as international criticism of Israel’s military actions in Gaza grows. According to Gaza’s Ministry of Health (which is controlled by Hamas), roughly 38,000 Palestinians have died in the ongoing war, with thousands more believed to be under the rubble of demolished buildings.


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