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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has criticized the decision to exclude him from CNN’s upcoming presidential debate.

In a statement, Kennedy said, “Presidents Biden and Trump do not want me on the debate stage and CNN illegally agreed to their demand. My exclusion by Presidents Biden and Trump is undemocratic, un-American, and cowardly. Americans want an independent leader who will break apart the two-party duopoly. They want a President who will heal the divide, restore the middle class, unwind the war machine, and end the chronic disease epidemic.”

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In response to his exclusion, Kennedy filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), accusing CNN of colluding with Biden and Trump to keep him off the stage. His campaign reiterated this accusation, calling CNN’s actions “a clear violation of federal law.” They vowed to pursue the issue legally to prevent such conduct in the future.

This comes after CNN announced that Biden and Trump were the only candidates who met the qualifications for the debate, which will be the first of this election cycle. Despite Kennedy’s efforts, he was unable to reach the polling and delegate thresholds required by CNN’s criteria. The network stipulated that candidates must have 15% support in four national polls and be declared candidates in enough states to total 270 electoral votes, the minimum needed to win the presidency.

Recent polling:
In an Economist/YouGov poll on 6/18/24
Trump: 42%
Biden: 42%
Kennedy: 4%

In a Fox News poll on 6/17/24
Trump: 42%
Biden: 43%
Kennedy: 10%

In a NewYork Post 6/14/24
Trump: 39%
Biden: 41%
Kennedy: 3%


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