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A federal judge has ordered Alex Jones to begin liquidating his personal assets after the families of victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre sought to recoup a nearly $1.5 billion fine that led him to declare bankruptcy. The families are also seeking control of Jones’s social media accounts.

On Friday, Judge Christopher Lopez approved the liquidation of Jones’s assets but did not rule on the bankruptcy case against his media company, Infowars. This leaves the future of the platform uncertain. Jones used Infowars to propagate the false claim that the 2012 shooting, which resulted in the deaths of 20 first-graders and six educators in Newtown, Connecticut, was a hoax. Jones, who now acknowledges it wasn’t a hoax, says he made a mistake.

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Judge Lopez also did not rule on deciding the fate of Jones’s influential social media accounts, including his @RealAlexJones account on (formerly known as Twitter), which the families argue should be included in the liquidation. They contend that Jones has used his social media following to diminish the value of Infowars by diverting sales to his father’s business,

Alex Jones

Jones’s attorney, Vickie Driver, criticized the families’ request as procedurally improper and said Jones would oppose it. Driver added, “The Connecticut Plaintiffs have never wanted money from Jones but to silence him.”

What Alex Jones is losing:
The liquidation of Jones’s assets will involve the sale of his firearms collection and a $2.8 million ranch home, with the proceeds going to the families of the victims. However, some assets, including his primary residence, are exempt from the sale.

Alex Jones

Jones, acknowledging the situation of his media platform, told reporters, “This is probably the end of Infowars here very, very soon. If not today, in the next few weeks or months. But it’s just the beginning of my fight against tyranny.”


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