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Vice President Kamala Harris has agreed to participate in a vice-presidential debate hosted by CBS News in late July or early August, the Biden campaign announced Thursday.

The campaign confirmed they accepted CBS News’ invitation for a debate on either July 23 or August 13, to be held in studio. The Biden campaign stated, “We look forward to the Trump campaign accepting one of these dates so that the full debate calendar for this campaign can be set.”

This announcement follows the agreement between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump to participate in two presidential debates. These debates are scheduled for June 27 in Atlanta, hosted by CNN, and September 10 at ABC News studios.

The Biden campaign has specified that the vice-presidential debate will follow strict guidelines, including no in-person audience, firm time limits for answers, alternating turns to speak, and ensuring candidates’ microphones are active only when it is their turn to speak.

As Trump has yet to announce his vice-presidential pick, several potential candidates have been seen at his fundraisers and attending his New York criminal trial. Trump has indicated he will announce his running mate closer to the Republican National Convention in mid-July. 


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