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A former Mississippi sheriff’s deputy has received a 20-year prison sentence for torturing two Black men.

US District Judge Tom Lee handed down the sentence to Hunter Elward, initiating the sentencing phase for six former officers implicated in the racially motivated attack on Michael Corey Jenkins and Eddie Terrell Parker. This case has drawn attention to the extreme actions taken by the group, including illegal entry into the men’s home based on racial prejudices, leading to a prolonged and brutal act of violence.

Goon Squad

The assault was triggered by a complaint about two Black men living with a white woman, leading Elward and his fellow officers, known for their excessive use of force, to confront Jenkins and Parker in their home. What followed was a series of abuses, including handcuffing, kicking, waterboarding, and the use of a Taser, all accompanied by racial slurs. The ordeal also included Elward attempting to mock an execution that resulted in severe injuries to Jenkins, impacting his ability to speak and eat.

In August, federal prosecutors charged the officers, and they pleaded guilty to various charges, such as conspiracy against rights and obstruction of justice. The sentencing for the remaining officers is expected to be completed soon. Potential maximum sentences range up to 120 years, coupled with significant fines.

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The victims, Jenkins and Parker, have publicly demanded the harshest possible sentences for the officers. Malik Shabazz, representing Jenkins and Parker, stated, “Michael Jenkins and Eddie Parker continue to suffer emotionally and physically since this horrific and bloody attack by Rankin County deputies. A message must be sent to police in Mississippi and all over America, that level of criminal conduct will be met with the harshest of consequences.”

Jenkins and Parker are also calling for the resignation of Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey and have filed a $400 million civil lawsuit against the department.


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