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China’s embassy in the Philippines has voiced its “strong” condemnation toward the Philippine ambassador to the Untied States recent remarks on China, criticizing them for “disregarding basic facts.”

The embassy’s statement accused the ambassador of unnecessarily escalating the South China Sea dispute and making “speculations and malicious smears against China.” This rebuke follows statements made by Jose Manuel Romualdez, who named the West Philippine Sea as the “real flashpoint” due to ongoing confrontations between Phillipino & Chinese vessels over and due to broader regional concerns involving the South China Sea and potential conflicts over Taiwan.


In a direct quote, the embassy expressed its disapproval, stating, “Inviting wolves into the house and engaging in small circles will not only not help resolve the differences in the South China Sea, but on the contrary will complicate the regional situation, and undermine regional peace and stability.” It strongly urged Romualdez to abandon spreading the “China threat theory” and “paranoia of persecution” and to stop “acting as a spokesperson for other countries.”

Amidst these diplomatic exchanges, the Philippine embassy in Beijing has not provided a response to the comments.


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