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An unidentified shipwreck leaking oil near Tobago has prompted the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago to declare a national emergency.

The vessel, found overturned and submerged off Tobago’s south coast, began discharging oil last Wednesday, threatening the island’s marine and coastal environments. Prime Minister Keith Rowley has expressed concern, stating that the situation is not yet under control and will require significant resources to manage.


An emergency response team has identified the ship as “Gulfstream,” though its origin and type remain uncertain due to its submerged condition. In a statement, Prime Minister Rowley said, “We’re not sure if it’s a freighter, a tanker, or a barge because only the keel of the vessel is visible. And its identifying physical characteristics are in water that we can’t penetrate for the moment.” The spill has already impacted many of Tobago’s southern beaches, endangering both human visitors and wildlife in the area.

Efforts to contain the spill and mitigate its environmental impact are underway, including the deployment of buoy booms and divers. However, these measures have yet to stop the oil leak successfully. Tobago House leader Farley Augustine reported that despite these efforts, the situation remains “dire.”


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