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President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign made its debut on TikTok on Sunday, leveraging the Super Bowl’s widespread viewership to engage with young voters for the upcoming November presidential election.

Despite TikTok’s ownership by ByteDance, a Chinese company currently under scrutiny in the US for potential national security risks, the Biden campaign has decided to establish a presence on the platform. This decision comes in the wake of actions taken last year by the Biden administration to ban TikTok from federal government-owned devices, amid fears of data privacy and content influence by the Chinese government.

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On its part, TikTok has consistently reassured that it does not share US user data with the Chinese government and has implemented significant measures to safeguard user privacy. However, the company has yet to comment on the Biden campaign’s new account. According to campaign advisors, the move to join TikTok aligns with their strategy to “continue meeting voters where they are,” which includes a presence on other social platforms like Instagram and Truth Social. The campaign emphasizes that it is employing “advanced safety precautions” to mitigate any security concerns related to TikTok, noting that this initiative is distinct from the broader security review of the app.

The first video on the Biden-Harris HQ TikTok account jokingly addressed a theory regarding the Super Bowl’s outcome, purportedly favoring the Chiefs for a Taylor Swift endorsement of Biden. In a light-hearted exchange, Biden dodged a question about whether the Super Bowl outcome was manipulated. As of Monday morning, the account had attracted over 45,000 followers.


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