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The US Department of Defense is set to install solar panels at the Pentagon in an effort to promote clean energy and enhance the Pentagon’s resilience from a potential cyberattack that could impact the US power grid.

This initiative is part of a broader project encompassing 31 federal sites, benefiting from $104 million in grants from the Energy Department. The grants are anticipated to double the carbon-free electricity production at these facilities, generating 27 megawatts of clean energy capacity and catalyzing over $361 million in private investments.

Citizen Cyber

Brendan Owens, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Energy, Installations and Environment, emphasized the strategic importance of these energy projects. He stated that they are pivotal to enhancing energy resilience and reliability at military sites in the US and Germany. Owens highlighted that solar panels would provide a consistent power source for the Pentagon, safeguarding against potential cyberattacks or grid outages and lessening the power load strain.


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