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Shalanda Young, the director of the Office of Management and Budget, has warned of the diminishing opportunity for lawmakers to approve US aid for Ukraine, emphasizing, “that is not going to get big tranches of equipment into Ukraine” without Congress’s approval of additional funding.

Young expressed deep concern about the broader implications of withheld US support, questioning, “What message does that send to the rest of the world? And what will their decisions be if they see the United States not step up to the plate?” She described the current situation as “dire” and admitted, “Certainly, we’ve bypassed my comfort level,” regarding the time that had elapsed since the last congressional funding approval.

Ukraine Receives Shipment Of U.s. Military Aid At Boryspil Airport

Young’s concern grows as deadlines loom to fund the federal government and avert a shutdown, particularly in light of House Republicans’ demands for changes on border policy. She added, “The rhetoric this week has concerned me that that is the path that House Republicans are headed down.” When asked about the priority of passing the emergency spending request for Ukraine, Young stated, “I’ll take it however they can pass it. I mean, beggars shouldn’t be choosing.”

The budget chief’s comments come as President Joe Biden’s administration seeks approximately $60 billion in new funding for Ukraine amid ongoing budget negotiations.


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