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Special Counsel Jack Smith has rejected former President Trump’s call for contempt charges against him, labeling them as unfounded and merely rehashed accusations. This follows a move from Trump’s attorneys, who filed a contempt claim because prosecutors kept filing motions in his election interference case, even though the Supreme Court put the case on hold for review.

In a recent court filing, federal prosecutors clarified, “The Government has not violated — and never intentionally would violate — an order of the Court, and the defendant’s recycled allegations of partisanship and prosecutorial misconduct remain baseless.” They argued that their continued submission of evidence and filings were in line with their ongoing discovery obligations and did not contradict Judge Tanya Chutkan’s stay order.

Prosecutors emphasized that their actions don’t burden Trump since he isn’t required to respond to the new motions or case activity during the pause. They stated, “Nothing here requires any action by the defendant, and he fails to explain how the mere receipt of discovery materials that he is not obligated to review, or the early filing of Government pleadings to which he does not yet need to respond, possibly burdens him.”

This comes amid Trump’s criminal election interference case, which is currently on hold as a higher court reviews an appeal regarding his claim of immunity from charges.


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