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In response to the recent surprise attack by Hamas, the US is increasing its military presence and aid near Israel.

Following the assault on Saturday, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin confirmed, “I have directed the movement of the USS Gerald R Ford Carrier Strike Group to the Eastern Mediterranean.” This move, along with the decision to dispatch additional aircraft, comes as a sign of support and solidarity with Israel, which launched intense airstrikes in the Gaza Strip.

While tensions continue to escalate, Secretary Austin stated the belief that Hamas’s sudden aggression might be aimed at impeding the budding relationship between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Secretary Austin also confirmed that “security assistance to Israel will begin moving on Sunday.” In addition, President Biden assured Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of further assistance, while Vice President Kamala Harris communicated with Israeli President Isaac Herzog.

Digging Deeper:
Every year, the United States contributes $3 billion in various military aid to Israel, with a significant amount of that money being allocated to Israel’s Iron Dome Missile System.

Another view:
Explaining their rationale behind its Saturday attack, Hamas emphasized that its attack on Israelis was in response to attacks against Palestinians across several regions, including the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Israeli prisons. Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said that threats to Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque and the ongoing Israeli blockade on Gaza is another reason for the attacks.

This all comes as a peace deal between Israel and Saudi Arabia was imminent.


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