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The United States has announced that a new group has been formed in partnership with Poland to assist Ukraine in countering “Russian disinformation.”

The US State Department’s Global Engagement Center made this announcement on Monday, highlighting the creation of the Ukraine Communications Group (UCG) in Warsaw. The Global Engagement Center, which focuses on exposing “disinformation” from states it considers hostile.

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In a statement, the State Department said, “Representatives from participating countries will begin collaborating in person to support Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity through collaborative efforts to counter disinformation and support fact-based reporting.  The Kremlin repeatedly uses lies and manipulation to peddle false pretexts for its unjustifiable invasion, obfuscate its war aims, and attempt to fracture worldwide solidarity with the Ukrainian people.  The UCG is designed to counter these deceptive narratives and reinforce honest coverage of Ukraine’s resilience and bravery in the face of Russia’s aggression.”

In response, the Kremlin has rejected these accusations, labeling Western claims as “information terrorism.”


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