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The United States has unveiled new sanctions targeting individuals and entities involved in a Russian disinformation campaign. The Treasury Department disclosed on Wednesday that these sanctions are directed at two people and two companies associated with fabricating numerous fake news platforms.

Identified in this action are the Social Design Agency (SDA) based in Moscow and its founder, Ilya Andreevich Gambashidze, alongside Company Group Structura LLC located in Russia, with its owner and CEO Nikolai Aleksandrovich Tupikin also sanctioned.


The implicated companies, SDA and Structura LLC, have been pivotal in aiding the Russian government’s efforts to disseminate false information. Their operations involved creating websites that mimic legitimate government and media entities in Europe, contributing significantly to the Kremlin’s disinformation strategies. The Treasury’s findings reveal that Tupikin and Gambashidze orchestrated the launch of over 60 websites designed to mimic authentic news outlets, coupled with the deployment of deceptive social media accounts aimed at redirecting users to these fabricated platforms. These websites were sophisticated enough to incorporate images and links that would appear credible to unsuspecting visitors.

State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller emphasized the nation’s dedication to thwarting the Kremlin’s harmful influence operations. He said, “Today’s action reflects our continued efforts to counter the Kremlin’s malign influence operations. We will continue to expose Russia’s ongoing efforts to mislead audiences through state-directed deception campaigns. The United States remains committed to deterring and disrupting the Kremlin’s repeated attempts to undermine democracy.”


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