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Chinese Premier Li Qiang and South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol have launched new diplomatic and security talks and resumed free trade agreement negotiations ahead of their trilateral summit with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.

The summit, scheduled for Monday, is the first such meeting in over four years. It reflects ongoing efforts by South Korea and Japan to mend historical disputes and fortify their security partnership with the United States amidst escalating China-US tensions. 


During their meeting, President Yoon emphasized the importance of cooperation in addressing international challenges. “China and South Korea face significant common challenges of international affairs.” He added, “Just as Korea and China have overcome various difficulties together over the past 30 years and contributed to each other’s development and growth, I hope to continue to strengthen bilateral cooperation even in the face of today’s global complex crises.”

Premier Li echoed the sentiment, highlighting the necessity of maintaining stable supply chains and opposing the “politicization” of economic and trade issues. According to Xinhua, Li said that “economic and trade issues should not be turned into political or security issues.”

The talks also touched upon the impact of export controls on China’s semiconductor industry, with Li expressing a desire for ongoing efforts to “build consensus and resolve differences” through sincere communication. 

For years, Chinese companies have been increasingly isolated from advanced chips, many of which are produced by South Korean firms like Samsung. The isolation is partly due to US pressure and concerns about China’s advancing military. 


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