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President Biden has expressed his confidence that a Kenyan-led multinational police force can successfully restore order in Haiti as the nation grapples with violent gangs.

During a press conference with Kenyan President William Ruto at the White House, Biden expressed confidence that the Kenyan police force could “break the backs” of the gangs controlling Port-au-Prince. Ruto echoed this sentiment, highlighting the formation of a coalition to counter the armed groups causing significant distress in Haiti. He added, “The responsibility of peace and security anywhere in the world, including in Haiti, is the collective responsibility of all nations and all peoples who believe in freedom, self-determination, democracy, and justice.”

This development comes after the deployment of this multinational force was delayed due to funding concerns. The Biden administration has requested $300 million from Congress to fund the mission, along with an additional $60 million for necessary equipment. Biden has argued that deploying the US military to Haiti would be “easily misrepresented” and has argued that Kenya is in a better position to carry out the mission. 

Digging Deeper:
The United Nations had approved the deployment of a Kenyan-led force to Haiti, a country that has faced increasing violence since the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse in 2021. The situation escalated when gangs united in February and took control of Port-au-Prince, which exacerbated Haiti’s humanitarian crisis. Despite initial delays, the mission is set to proceed following the establishment of a transitional council in Haiti aimed at steering the nation toward new leadership.


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