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Mexico has announced it will cut ties with Ecuador after law enforcement entered the Mexican Embassy on Friday and apprehended the former vice president of Ecuador, who had been residing there since late last year. This comes after Jorge Glas, the ex-vice president of Ecuador, sought asylum within the embassy’s walls, having been hiding there since December.

Before Ecuadorian police stormed the embassy, Mexico had granted him asylum, sparking a conflict that challenged international diplomatic norms. Glas, who served as Ecuador’s vice president from 2013 to 2017, faces corruption charges and was previously sentenced to prison. His arrest warrant was reactivated, according to statements from Ecuador’s presidential office.

Mexican Foreign Minister Alicia Barcena publicly condemned the raid, stating it breached the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. She also said that the raid not only violated international law but also resulted in injuries to Mexican diplomats present during the incident.

In the aftermath of his arrest, Glas was transported to the attorney general’s office and then to Guayaquil. Ecuadorian officials declined to comment on the status of Glas.


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