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The lawyer for Ecuador’s former Vice President has demanded access to her client.

In a letter addressed to prison officials on Monday, the legal representative for Jorge Glas voiced concerns over the inability to establish contact with the detained politician. Glas, who has previously been convicted of corruption charges and is currently facing new allegations, was apprehended during a police raid at the Mexican embassy in Quito, where he had sought refuge since December.


The incident, stemming from an unprecedented raid, has escalated tensions between Ecuador and Mexico, leading to the suspension of diplomatic ties. Ecuador’s government has justified its actions by stating that Glas cannot be offered asylum in Mexico due to the pending charges against him and alleged plans for his escape. In response to the situation, Glas’ attorney, Sonia Vera, in an open letter dated Sunday, highlighted the “deep worry and alarm” due to over 48 hours of silence from Glas, labeling it a violation of his fundamental rights. The letter also raised concerns about Glas’ safety and well-being, following reports of physical altercations during his arrest.

Glas’ legal troubles trace back to his tenure as vice president from 2013 to 2017, with convictions linked to accepting bribes and misappropriating funds. Despite serving time and claiming the charges to be politically motivated, Glas now faces accusations related to misuse of funds intended for earthquake relief efforts in Manabi province.

As this legal drama unfolds, international reactions have varied, with Mexico’s Foreign Minister Alicia Barcena expressing a desire to de-escalate tensions.


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