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Following a two-week raid, Israeli forces completed their withdrawal from Gaza’s largest hospital on Monday amidst growing calls for a ceasefire deal with Hamas.

The operation at Shifa Hospital, described by the Israeli military as a “significant stride” in the ongoing five-month war, resulted in the death of approximately 200 militants, the detention of around 900 people, and the deaths of an unknown amount of civilians. Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari also noted that IDF forces seized $3 million in various currencies and a cache of weapons.

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The operation was a response to intelligence suggesting that Hamas terrorists had regrouped at the hospital to orchestrate attacks against Israel. This military action has sparked widespread international concern, especially following reports of the adverse impacts on hospital patients and the facility’s infrastructure.

According to the World Health Organization, the siege led to the deaths of at least 21 patients, leaving more than a hundred without essential medical support. The lack of adequate healthcare, coupled with the spread of contagious diseases due to unsanitary conditions, has exacerbated the situation for those trapped within the hospital’s compound.

Contrary to allegations of harm to civilians, Hagari claimed the Israeli army had made efforts to evacuate patients and provide necessary supplies.


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