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Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and his wife entered not-guilty pleas to new charges, including obstruction of justice, related to allegations of accepting bribes.

During the court hearing on new charges, Senator Menendez said, “Once again, not guilty your honor.” The charges accuse the couple of conspiring with three New Jersey businessmen to conceal bribery activities under investigation by the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York. According to prosecutors,  their investigations have revealed that Senator Menendez accepted substantial bribes for personal and foreign interests, specifically aiding the businessmen and acting on behalf of the Egyptian government, alongside accepting gifts from Qatar.


The legal troubles for Menendez have deepened, with the senator now facing 16 counts, and his wife, Nadine, charged with 15 counts. Recently, a co-defendant, Jose Uribe, pleaded guilty and admitted to bribing the couple with luxury items for political favors. Uribe’s agreement to testify truthfully in future proceedings adds pressure to the Menendez trial, set to begin on May 6.

Latest charges:
The recent indictment has revealed the intricate details of the Menendez couple’s attempts to cover up the bribe payments, including a planned narrative with Uribe to mislead investigators about a car payment. Additionally, Nadine Menendez is accused of instructing her lawyers to misinform prosecutors about the nature of payments from Uribe and another businessman, revealing a concerted effort to obstruct justice.

Prosecutors have claimed Menendez tried to misrepresent his knowledge of the bribes, including a luxury car and significant payments towards his wife’s mortgage, initially claiming “ignorance” before labeling them as loans.


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