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President Joe Biden has ordered the US military to establish a temporary port off Gaza’s coast to facilitate food and aid delivery amidst the ongoing Hamas-Israel war.

The temporary maritime route, avoiding American troops’ on-ground involvement, will utilize a floating pier system for essential supply deliveries from Cyprus. The initiative involves international collaboration, including from Cyprus and the EU, and seeks to ensure supplies reach those in need without exacerbating tensions.

Palestinians On The Beach Near The Border Separating The Gaza S

This initiative, part of international efforts, aims to bypass the challenges of land humanitarian access due to war and Israeli restrictions. Biden emphasized this move during his State of the Union address, advocating for Israel to permit more aid into Gaza and enhance protections for humanitarian workers. He stressed, “To the leadership of Israel I say this: Humanitarian assistance cannot be a secondary consideration or a bargaining chip.”

The decision comes as the US seeks to address the dire conditions in Gaza, where nearly 2.3 million residents face severe food and medical shortages. In addition, President Biden has been calling for a change in Israel’s military operations in Gaza. Despite efforts to push for a ceasefire, with Ramadan approaching, the situation remains critical, with reports of children dying from starvation and the UN highlighting the urgent need for expanded aid access.


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