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The Russian Foreign Ministry has issued a warning to the United States not to interfere in Russia’s upcoming elections.

Russian officials summoned US Ambassador Lynne Tracy, where she was directly warned about the US allegedly attempting to interfere in the upcoming Russian elections. Russian officials have accused certain US nonprofit organizations, including the American Councils for International Education, of implementing “anti-Russian programs and projects” with the intention of recruiting “agents of influence.” A note handed to Ambassador Tracy expressly demands the cessation of any such activities.


During their meeting, Russian officials demanded that the US embassy remove any online mentions of projects and programs “aimed at promoting those alien to Russian society and values.” In a statement, The Russian Foreign Ministry added that they made it clear any “attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation, including subversive actions and the spread of disinformation in the context of elections and a special military operation, will be strictly and resolutely suppressed.”

According to Russian officials, if the US does not change course, Russia will begin expelling US Embassy employees.

This comes as Russian citizens are set to vote on March 15 – March 17. Russian President Vladimir Putin will likely secure another term, primarily due to his popularity and lack of opposition candidates.


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