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The Air Force has issued smart devices to over 1,000 first sergeants, aiming to assist these high-stress personnel in monitoring their health and wellness. This initiative, according to Chief Master Sgt. John Alsvig is focused on utilizing technology to improve the well-being of first sergeants who oversee the health and welfare of enlisted ranks.

Alsvig, in a statement to the news outlet, elaborated on the goals of the program: “Some of the metrics being measured include sleep quality, O2 [oxygen] readings and heart rate,” and added, “As we get ready to close out 2023, nearly all wearables have been issued — with more than 1,000 first sergeants using them.”

Mil Smart Watch And Ring Health Tracker 1800

The shift towards wearable technology for health monitoring also aligns with broader efforts within the military to embrace emerging technologies. Air Force Chief Master Sgt. In an April news release, Christopher Gradel said, “Technology has finally produced a product that will increase overall health and wellness to a community of first sergeants who many times prioritize their people ahead of their own health.”

This program represents a marked change from the military’s previous stance on wearable technology, particularly concerning security and privacy issues highlighted in a 2018 Pentagon memo. While focused on the health and wellness of first sergeants, the Pentagon says the new initiative ensures that personal data remains private and is not used for research purposes.


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