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North Korea’s government has announced that its new spy satellite has captured images of significant US locations, including the White House and the Pentagon.

State media, specifically the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un viewed satellite photos of not only the White House and Pentagon but also Naval Station Norfolk and Newport News Dockyard in Virginia.

These photographs have not been released publicly, and there is skepticism among external experts regarding the satellite’s capabilities in providing high-resolution images for advanced military surveillance. The satellite, named Malligyong-1, was launched last week. Kim Jong Un celebrated this achievement, declaring it a “new era of space power,” according to KCNA.

This development has drawn international attention, particularly from the White House, which condemned the launch as a violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions that prohibit North Korea from utilizing ballistic missile technology. The Biden administration emphasized the importance of global condemnation of the launch and urged North Korea to engage in serious negotiations.

The launch’s success follows two previous failed attempts in May and August, with Kim Jong Un personally observing the latest launch.

In response, South Korea suspended a no-fly zone agreement with North Korea, a zone that was near the demilitarized border between the two countries, signaling rising tensions in the wake of this significant event in space technology and international security.


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