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Cindy McCain, the director of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), has expressed serious concerns regarding the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, currently under the control of Hamas, a terrorist organization.

Speaking on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” McCain responded to moderator Margaret Brennan’s reference to UNICEF’s alarming data on malnutrition in children. “First of all, the — the bottom line here is that we need to get more aid in as — as has been said, we’re looking at … possibly being on the brink of famine in this region,” McCain stated. She emphasized the potential for disease and other complications that can arise from such a crisis.

McCain, the widow of the late Senator John McCain, also highlighted the urgent need for more humanitarian aid trucks in Gaza. She pointed out that the challenge of ensuring children in Gaza have access to proper aid predates the current war. “It’s… a massive, catastrophic event that is — is occurring, and it will cross regions as it happens. We have got to be able to get in there,” she said. McCain also mentioned the WFP’s efforts so far, noting, “So far, we’ve fed about 110,000 since the — since the cease-fire, but we need to do a lot more than that.”

This comes as the Israeli military announced the release of 17 individuals, including 14 Israelis and three foreign nationals, from Hamas captivity in Gaza. The recent cease-fire has facilitated the release of hostages, with 50 expected to be freed sometime today.


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