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China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, indicated that the anticipated meeting between President Xi Jinping and President Joe Biden may face hurdles, emphasizing the need for cooperation from both nations. Wang’s comments were made during his three-day visit to Washington, where he met with President Biden and key US officials.

Both countries are working toward a bilateral meeting set to occur at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum summit in San Francisco this November. During his Washington visit, Wang conveyed, “the road to the bilateral meeting would not be ‘smooth sailing'” and cautioned against relying on “autopilot” to navigate the complexities.

Referring to a prior meeting between Xi and Biden at last year’s G20 summit, Wang expressed the need for a “return to Bali,” where the leaders tackled issues from US-China trade tensions to climate change and food security. Wang stressed the importance of working together to “eliminate interference, overcome obstacles, enhance consensus and accumulate results.”

This visit comes amid escalating tensions between China and the US, notably concerning US export controls on advanced technology and China’s heightened military activities in the East and South China seas.

Despite existing differences, both nations acknowledge the value and necessity of continued dialogue. Their discussions are part of an ongoing effort to stabilize the strained relationship during challenging global times, including conflicts in Ukraine and Israel.


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