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North Korea has carried out a simulated tactical nuclear strike drill, according to a report from the state-run KCNA news agency on Sunday.

The exercise, held on Saturday, involved the launch of two long-range cruise missiles equipped with mock nuclear warheads, aimed towards the West Sea of the Korean peninsula. These missiles reportedly covered a distance of 1,500 km while maintaining a preset altitude of 150 meters. However, South Korea’s military questioned the accuracy of the success claim, with an official from the Joint Chiefs of Staff telling Yonhap News that “not all of them succeeded.”

This missile test follows the culmination of the Ulchi Freedom Shield, the annual joint military exercises between South Korea and the United States, which saw participation from B-1 bombers. Amidst escalating tensions, North Korea continues to intensify its military deterrence strategies, openly criticizing a recent summit agreement between Seoul and Washington that sought to enhance military collaborations.

In related developments, Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader, recently visited establishments linked to marine warfare, including the Pukjung Machine Complex and a munitions factory. KCNA mentioned Kim’s emphasis on advancing Pyongyang’s naval capabilities, stating, “He affirmed that a future plenary meeting of the Central Committee of the WPK (Worker’s Party of Korea) would set forth an important modernization of the complex and the development direction of the shipbuilding industry.”


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