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The People’s Liberation Army of China is reportedly planning to triple its nuclear warhead stockpile to 900 by 2035

According to reports, President Xi Jinping has already approved this blueprint in a move to bolster China’s deterrence against the United States, which is expected to escalate tensions over Taiwan. Last year, the US predicted that China would increase its nuclear warhead stockpile to 1,500 by 2035 as part of its military modernization efforts. Experts warn that if China modernizes its military, it may abandon its “no first use” policy.

The Chinese military has reaffirmed the importance of lethal capabilities, citing Russia’s strong nuclear deterrence as a reason why NATO has not engaged in direct conflict with Moscow, despite its aggression against Ukraine. Sources suggest that China’s nuclear warhead stockpile will rise to 550 in 2027 and 900 in 2035. Russia currently has 5,977 nuclear warheads, while the United States possesses 5,428, according to estimates by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

Tensions between China and the US have been escalating, particularly since Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan in August 2022. Fears are growing that Taiwan may become a military flashpoint in the Asia-Pacific region, as China regards the island as a renegade province that must be reunified with the mainland, by force if necessary. The US has substantial though unofficial exchanges with Taiwan and provides it with billions of dollars in arms and spare parts for defense.


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