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DISCLAIMER: Within this live thread will be images and video showing gore that we’ve obtained from the attacks. Viewer discretion advised. Posting times are reflective of California time and do not reflect time of actual videos / images.

5:51 PM PST Footage of Ovidio Guzmán being loaded into government helicopter and transported to prison. Mexican officials used Decoy convoys to ensure safe movement

5:13 PM PST Additional Security at Altiplano prison

Additional Security positioned outside the Prison El Chapo’s son is at

4:51 PM PST Video obtained shows mexican officers blocking journailsts from photographing a decoy vehicle that many believed was carrying El Chapo’s son.

4:29 PM PST Video obtained shows Mexican military personnel being ambushed by members of the Sinaloa cartel in Culiacán

4:29 PM PST Video obtained showing civilians held at gunpoint by members of the Sinaloa cartel in Culiacán

4:22 PM PST Juan Jose Moreno Orzua, commander of Mexico’s 43rd infantry has been killed. Four of his bodyguards were also killed. More to come.

4:03 PM PST Footage pulled from Sinaloa cartel members shows a significant amount of armed men in the outskirts of Culiacán. Cartel members on social media are writing various messages that include “This is our city” and “We are going to take the whole mother fucking country.”

3:55 PM PST Mexican military member shows body camera footage of a firefight in Culiacán. In the video, the soldier opens fire at a cartel truck driving by.

3:37 PM PST Hospitals in Culiacán report “chaos” and a significant amount of wounded individuals. No figure has been provided yet. Footage from one of the hospitals shows a significant amount of blood on the floor.

3:21 PM PST Significant reports of looting throughout Culiacán. In one video we’ve obtained, a vehicle is being used to breach a “La Ley” store. Citizens of Culiacán report that the city government is not in control.

3:16 PM PST Video obtained from the social media of cartel members shows members of the Sinaloa cartel at a blockade in Culiacán. This video was taken Thursday morning.

3:08 PM PST Video obtained from the social media of cartel members shows an armed man shooting at Mexican military helicopter.

2:58 PM PST A Mexican Air Force C-295 Transport aircraft was shot at by cartel members while flying over Culiacán. According to reports from the ground, the aircraft was shot at by cartel members equipped with vehicle mounted machine guns.

Mexican military C-295 Transport aircraft on the ground after being shot at by Sinaloa Cartel members. Reports on the ground say a fire broke after the fuel tanks were hit.

Another view of the Mexican military C-295 Transport being shot at by Sinaloa Cartel members

2:38 PM PST Mexican authorities are moving El Chapo’s son from a prison in Mexico City to “Military Camp No 1,” a secure military base. The convoy carrying Ovidio Guzman-Lopez involves multiple military personnel and armored vehicles. This comes as the Sinaloa Cartel is launching attacks in retaliation of his arrest

Mexican military motorcade moving El Chapo’s son, Ovidio Guzman-Lopez to a military base

2:21 PM PST Video obtained from the social media page of a Sinaloa Cartel member shows armed members at a road block in Mexico

2:19 PM PST Unconfirmed reports of a prison riot at Culiacán’s prison “Aguarato.” Other reports indicate there could have been an attack by the Sinaloa Cartel. The prison houses a considerable amount of Sinaloa Cartel members. In addition, El Chapo’s son was housed there prior to being moved to Mexico City.

2:17 PM PST Video shows semi truck trailors burning on Mexico’s international highway in Culiacán. Members of the Sinaloa Cartel have stolen various vehicles and are creating blockades around the city of Culiacán

1:23 PM PST Various road blocks in Culiacán.

1:11 PM PST The Sinaloa Cartel is launching attacks against government officials, buildings, and other public infrastructure after the son of El Chapo was arrested in a military operation.

In Culiacan, cartel members have taken to the streets and unleashed carnage following the arrest of Ovidio Guzman-Lopez. Video we’ve obtained shows fires breaking out in the city, with reports of cartel members engaging police officers, attacking commercial aircraft at the local airport, and even kidnapping doctors and nurses from a local hospital to prevent the injured from obtaining medical attention.

According to Mexican authorities, Ovidio was a leader within his father’s cartel and was arrested after a six-month operation that the US government provided intelligence on. Ovidio was initially arrested years ago but was released after the cartel launched similar attacks following his capture. At the time, Mexico’s president argued his release was necessary to save the lives of innocent civilians.

This all comes days before President Biden is set to arrive in Mexico for a Summit. Currently, there has been no schedule change and the president is still expected to visit Mexico.

Blockades created by the Sinaloa Cartel using stolen semi trucks in Culiacán


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