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An internal report intended for the eyes of senior Israeli officials has been leaked to a media outlet, disclosing the government’s concern that the world is “on the verge of a cliff and is likely to be struck by a variety of crises affecting all aspects of life.”

The report, Israel’s first “government national intelligence estimate,” was prepared by eight Israeli military experts. The experts provided recommendations on how to advance geopolitical alliances, addressed areas where the government needs to prepare for potential crises, called for preparedness for health-related issues that could impact the population, and had an overall outlook on current world affairs and how Israel should approach them. The report was provided to senior-level Israeli officials, including an unnamed official with the Israeli Mossad.

So what did the report say?
While the entire document has not been released, the Jerusalem Post, an Israeli news outlet that obtained a copy of the report, released excerpts from the report. In addition, they noted that the authors said Israel had dangers related to “health, energy, and water.”

 Attached are all the takeaways released by the Jerusalem Post: 

An excerpt from the report said “The world is at a transition point analogous to being on the verge of a cliff, after which a series of crises striking simultaneously will reorder the planet’s geopolitics, the place of technology, the economic order and a variety of other disciplines from health to energy.”

According to the Jerusalem Post, the report said “it may not be easy for Israel to maintain a geopolitical balance between positive relations with the US, China and Russia as these powers move from open competition to greater conflict.”

One of the Authors, Former IDF intelligence chief Amos Yadlin discussed Iran-Israeli tensions, saying, “The Iranians are feeling the pressure. They are struggling with a ‘brain drain’ and are feeling like Israel has surrounded them following the Abraham Accords. They feel that the world is identifying them with ‘the bad guys’ and that they have been unsuccessful in moderating their image.”

This comes as the Israeli government also held a special conference that discussed some of the findings from the report in a less classified setting, where conversations were held with other representatives from countries, including Canadian defense officials and ambassadors from the European Union, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and others.


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