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Spain’s Prime Minister has announced that he will halt his public duties amid allegations of corruption involving his wife. 

In a statement, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said, “I need to pause and think. I urgently need an answer to the question of whether it is worthwhile… whether I should continue to lead the government or renounce this honor.” He also pushed back on the accusations against his wife, Begoña Gomez, saying, “As is only logical, Begoña will defend her honor and will cooperate with the justice system as much as is necessary to clear up facts that are as scandalous in appearance as they are nonexistent.”

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According to the organization “Manos Limpias,” which means “Clean Hands” in English, claims Begoña benefitted from senior executives at Air Europa and its parent company, Globalia, while she was leading an African studies research center at IE University in Madrid for nearly four years until 2022. They claim that her involvement helped secure a $508 million rescue package for the airline during its financial hardships amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

Currently, a court is reviewing the allegations to decide whether to proceed with the investigation or dismiss it. According to allies of the Prime Minister, the claims are politically motivated from “far-right politicians” and have “no foundation.” 


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