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The Chinese government has evacuated more than 100,000 people due to heavy rains flooding areas across Guangdong province.

In response to the relentless rainfall, local authorities escalated the alert level to its maximum on Tuesday. This action follows the loss of four people, with an additional ten reported missing.  Authorities have confirmed the successful relocation of 110,000 residents to safer areas, with 25,000 currently housed in emergency shelters.

China Flood

As rivers throughout Guangdong broke their banks, state media warned of potential flooding that could reach catastrophic levels, comparable to once-in-a-century events. The impact is visible across the province, with numerous areas submerged.

Guangzhou, the region’s capital, has experienced record-breaking rainfall, with measurements reaching 23 inches in April alone—the highest ever recorded since 1959. This unprecedented rainfall has particularly affected the Pearl River Delta, a critical economic zone and one of China’s most populous regions, exacerbating the challenges faced by the area.

Officials in Shenzhen, another major city also hit hard by the storms, have issued urgent warnings to their citizens. They advised citizens to “quickly take precautions and stay away from dangerous areas such as low-lying areas prone to flooding.”


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