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An Australian war journalist in Afghanistan has accused the Taliban of forcing her to apologize over an article she wrote about teenage girls being forced into marriage and sex slavery under Taliban rule.

Lynne O’Donnell

Lynne O’Donnell, a journalist with Foreign Policy Magazine, said Taliban Intelligence demanded she “Tweet an apology or go to jail.” She continued by saying, “They dictated. I tweeted. They didn’t like it. Deleted, edited, re-tweeted. They made a video of me saying I wasn’t coerced. Re-did that too.”

Her revelation comes two days after Lynne tweeted the Taliban dictated apology.

Lynne tweeted “I apologize for 3 or 4 reports written by me accusing the present authorities of forcefully marrying teenage girls and using teenage girls as sexual slaves by Taliban commanders. This was a premeditated attempt at character assassination and an affront to Afghan culture. These stories were written without any solid proof and without any effort to verify instance through on-site investigation or face-to-face meetings with alleged victims.”


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