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The State Department has announced that the United States will provide Poland with another $2 billion loan to enhance its military capabilities through the purchase of American weaponry.

According to Poland’s Defense Ministry, the funds will be used to acquire advanced American military equipment such as F-35 fighter jets, Patriot missile systems, and Abrams tanks. This investment is part of Poland’s broader strategy to strengthen its military infrastructure amidst growing concerns over Russian activities in the region.

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The State Department said the United States would also provide “$60 million in Foreign Military Financing to subsidize the interest rate cost of this loan.” This would “help accelerate Poland’s defense modernization by supporting urgent procurements of defense articles and services from the United States.”

Poland, recognizing Russia as a significant threat, has committed to dramatically increasing its defense spending. According to SIPRI, Poland boosted its defense budget by 75% from 2022 to 2023, now dedicating 4% of its GDP to defense. Last year, the country allocated $31.6 billion to this sector.

Before the initial $2 billion loan was approved to Poland in September 2023, the last time such a loan was approved was in 2017 for Iraq.


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