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Ukrainian officials have confirmed that dozens of people have died and more than 120 were injured after a Russian missile hit a children’s hospital in Kyiv and other locations in the greater area.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the strikes targeted military sites, denying deliberate attacks on civilian areas. They attributed the damage to a “Ukrainian air defense missile launched from an anti-aircraft missile system within the city.” The Security Service of Ukraine countered this, stating, “Russia used a Kh-101 missile to directly strike the Okhmatdyt Hospital” and called the attack a “war crime.”

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The Ukrainian Health Ministry shared photos and videos showing medical workers and patients covered in blood, rescuers working to recover those under the ruble, and the damage caused. According to the local government, at least two adults died at the hospital, and 20 other deaths occurred across the city. Two of those killed included children. At the present moment, it is unclear whether the hospital was directly hit or if intercepted missile fragments fell on it.

In a statement, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said, “Today, Russia struck Ukrainian cities, resulting in over 170 injuries. As of now, 37 fatalities have been reported, including three children. My condolences go out to their families and loved ones. In total, nearly 100 facilities were damaged, including a children’s hospital, ordinary houses, kindergartens, a maternity hospital, a college, and a business center. The rubble is still being cleared at these sites.”

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President Zelenskyy added, “Russian terrorists must be held accountable for this. Mere concern does not stop terror. Condolences are not a weapon. We need to shoot down Russian missiles. Russian combat aircraft must be destroyed where they are based. Strong steps must be taken to eliminate any security deficit.”


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