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South Korea’s military has announced that North Korea launched two ballistic missiles on Monday, with the second potentially failing and causing debris to fall within the country.

According to a statement from South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, the missiles were launched from Jangyon in southeastern North Korea, approximately 10 minutes apart, heading in a northeasterly direction. The first missile traveled 370 miles, while the second flew only 75 miles, which raised questions about its flight path and ultimate destination.


Joint Chiefs of Staff spokesperson Lee Sung-joon indicated that there might have been an issue with the second missile, suggesting it could have exploded mid-air, dispersing debris on the ground. Unnamed South Korean military sources speculated that the second missile likely crashed inland, whereas the first missile landed in the waters near Chongjin, on North Korea’s east coast.

The launches come shortly after the conclusion of the “Freedom Edge” drills, a series of trilateral military exercises involving the US, South Korea, and Japan. North Korea has vowed for “offensive and overwhelming” responses to recent military exercises.

More on the drills:
Freedom Edge Drills aim to “enhance trilateral defense cooperation and readiness in the face of regional threats,” particularly from North Korea. The exercises involve coordinated naval, air, and ground operations to improve “interoperability and demonstrate a united front in maintaining security and stability in the Indo-Pacific region.”


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