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According to police in Mexico, at least 19 bodies, believed to be cartel members involved in a turf war, were discovered in a truck in the southern state of Chiapas.

The discovery was made on a rural road near the town of La Concordia, where authorities found the bodies in and around a white dump truck. Most of the victims (all men) appeared to have gunshot wounds to their heads.

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The Ministry of Public Security confirmed that the victims were found shot to death. At least six of the victims were carrying Guatemalan identity documents. Two of the victims were reportedly missing fingers and teeth. Officials believe that the initial clash over turf occurred on Friday near the Guatemalan border, an area increasingly consumed by violence due to its location as a top trafficking route for cartels.

According to local media, there was a confrontation between the Sinaloa cartel and the “Chiapas and Guatemala” cartel. Both groups have been fighting for control this region as it’s crucial for the trafficking of drugs and migrants heading towards the United States.

This development comes as Mexico experiences a significant escalation in violence, forcing thousands to flee their homes. In response, the government has deployed additional military assets to help control the situation on the border with Guatemala. However, there are concerns about whether the current enhanced deployment of 1,200 personnel will be sufficient.


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