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A US military contractor has confirmed the delivery of an experimental Howitzer system to Ukraine’s army, specifically to test it on live targets against Russian forces.

The 2-CT Hawkeye, developed by AM General in Indiana, features a 105 mm Howitzer mounted on a Humvee and is touted as the lightest and most maneuverable self-propelled Howitzer worldwide. Mike Evans, head of the company’s artillery programs, revealed at the US Field Artillery Association’s Fires Symposium that Ukraine received the system on April 26. Evans noted that the Hawkeye system was immediately tested and is set to be one of the first “soft recoil systems” used in combat.


More on the 2-CT Hawkeye:
The 2-CT Hawkeye is an advanced modification of the US Army’s M20 105mm Howitzer. Its unique hydraulic support system significantly reduces recoil by up to 70%, allowing it to be mounted on the Humvee’s flatbed. Initially intended for foreign export as an affordable self-propelled Howitzer, it garnered interest from the US Army for use by highly mobile light infantry units. The system’s mobility and rapid deployment capabilities are desirable for quick response units, providing a lightweight alternative with enhanced capabilities compared to the 120 mm mortar.


The advantage of self-propelled artillery over towed Howitzers has been evident during the Ukraine war, where rapid movement is crucial to avoid detection and destruction by enemy drones and artillery radars. The Hawkeye’s design enables it to fire two rounds and relocate within three minutes, enhancing its survivability on the battlefield.

In partnership with Mandus Group, AM General developed the Hawkeye and signed a contract with the Army in May 2021.


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