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A US Navy’s nuclear-powered aircraft carrier has arrived in South Korea to participate in three-nation military exercises aimed at enhancing defense capabilities amidst escalating regional tensions.

In a statement, the South Korean Navy said, “The US Navy’s aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt … arrived at the Busan Naval Base on the morning of June 22. This demonstrates the strong combined defense posture of the South Korea-US alliance and their firm resolve to respond to the escalating threats from North Korea.”

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This month, the carrier will engage in joint exercises with South Korea and Japan. North Korea has historically condemned these drills, viewing them as potential invasion rehearsals.

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The USS Theodore Roosevelt’s arrival closely follows South Korea’s summoning of the Russian ambassador to protest a defense pact between Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. This agreement, pledging mutual defense aid in wartime, was finalized during Putin’s first visit to North Korea in 24 years. South Korea perceives this pact as a direct threat and has hinted at potentially arming Ukraine as a countermeasure against Russian aggression.

Adding to the tension, North Korean soldiers have been observed laying landmines, reinforcing roads, and constructing antitank barriers near the border, according to South Korean military reports. The region is also experiencing a “balloon war,” with activists in the South sending propaganda north, while Pyongyang has retaliated with over a thousand balloons carrying waste.


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