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A top Russian official has indicated that Russia wants to hold security talks with the United States but insists they must be “comprehensive” and include the topic of Ukraine.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated that all interconnected issues must be addressed together, rather than isolating individual segments. When asked about Russia’s readiness to discuss reducing nuclear tensions and risks with the United States, Peskov said, “It is impossible to rip out any individual segments from the general complex of accumulated problems, and we will not do this. We are open to dialogue, but to a broad comprehensive dialogue that covers all dimensions, including the current dimension related to the conflict around Ukraine and the direct involvement of the US in this conflict.”

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Peskov added that there were many things both the United States and Russia needed to discuss, warning that the issues were “piling up.” He said, “Overall, this dialogue is very much required. It is needed because problems are piling up, and there are a lot of problems associated with the global security architecture.”

Despite Russia’s position, the United States has consistently maintained that any talks related to the war in Ukraine should be held between Russia and Ukraine. For years, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and other Department of Defense officials have emphasized that decisions about the war in Ukraine are solely up to Ukraine, not the US. They have also rejected Russia’s accusations that by arming Ukraine, the US has become an aggressor or is fueling the conflict.

In addition, the United States has blamed Russia for instigating tensions not just with the US, but with many nations around the world. Earlier this week, National Security Coordinator John Kirby said that if Russia wants the world to be a safer and less tumultuous place, they can start by “getting their troops the hell out of Ukraine.” Kirby also pointed to rhetoric used by Putin, including threats involving nuclear weapons and a recent warning that he was considering providing weapons to North Korea, which is under UN sanctions.


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