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Another Boeing whistleblower has come forward alleging that the company used faulty airplane parts in their jets.

The latest complaint comes from Boeing employee Sam Mohawk, who claims that after Boeing resumed production of the 737 Max following the deadly crashes in 2018 and 2019, there was a “300% increase” in reports of substandard parts. These parts, which were supposed to be removed and tracked, were allegedly lost in the production process. According to the whistleblower report, “Mohawk feared that non-conforming parts were being installed on the 737s, and that could lead to a catastrophic event.”

181115121211 File Boeing 737 Max 8

Additionally, the document claims that Boeing relocated parts to another location ahead of an FAA inspection last June to “intentionally hide improperly stored parts from the FAA.”

Following this development, Boeing said, “We received this document late Monday evening and are reviewing the claims. We continuously encourage employees to report all concerns as our priority is to ensure the safety of our airplanes and the flying public.”

This report adds to Boeing’s growing list of safety and quality issues, including an incident in January in which a door panel blew off an Alaska Airlines plane mid-flight. It also comes ahead of Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun’s scheduled testimony before the US Senate tomorrow.


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