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Airbus and Boeing, the world’s largest commercial aircraft manufacturers, have announced that there are no safety concerns related to some titanium parts used in their aircraft that were found to have falsified documentation.

The revelation led Boeing to clarify that the discovery of titanium parts did not compromise the safety of their aircraft. However, the company did not specify which models or how many planes were affected. “Our analysis shows the in-service fleet can continue to fly safely,” Boeing stated. The company has also committed to removing the parts from planes that still need to be delivered to customers.

737max Operations Suspended Source Boeing

Airbus confirmed that the parts in question were used in their A220 model, a smaller airliner for shorter routes, and reassured the public about its safety. The company said, “Numerous tests have been performed on parts coming from the same source of supply. They show that the A220’s airworthiness remains intact.”

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This development comes as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has announced an investigation into how parts with improper documentation were installed on aircraft. It follows an investigative report by the New York Times, which revealed a parts supplier found corrosive damage on titanium components.

Spirit AeroSystems, Boeing’s primary manufacturing subsidiary, revealed that counterfeit paperwork accompanied the titanium parts. Joe Buccino, a spokesperson for Spirit, said, “This is about titanium that has entered the supply system via documents that have been counterfeited. When this was identified, all suspect parts were quarantined and removed from Spirit production.”


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