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Former President Donald Trump has arrived on Capitol Hill for a meeting with Republican lawmakers in an effort to unify the party ahead of the November election.

According to his campaign, Trump is scheduled to meet with House Republicans in the morning and have lunch with Senate Republicans in the afternoon to discuss campaign strategies. The meetings will also focus on advancing policies such as protecting Social Security, securing the southern border, and cutting taxes. Senator Thom Tillis, who will meet with Trump for lunch, said, “Our ability to get a majority in the Senate is intrinsically linked to President Trump winning.”

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Despite some underlying tensions, notably between Trump and Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, McConnell said yesterday that he is behind Trump. While speaking to reporters, McConnel said, “I support him. He’s earned the nomination by the voters all across the country.” Other notable senators who have clashed with Trump, including Mitt Romney and Susan Collins, have announced that they cannot attend the meeting due to scheduling issues.

Democrats in Congress respond to Trump’s visit:
Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi commented on Trump’s arrival at the Capitol, saying, “Today, the instigator of an insurrection is returning to the scene of the crime. January 6th was a crime against the Capitol that saw Nazi and Confederate flags flying under the dome that Lincoln built. It was a crime against the Constitution and its peaceful transfer of power, in a desperate attempt to cling to power. And it was a crime against Members, heroic police officers and staff, that resulted in death, injury and trauma that endure to this day.”

President Biden’s campaign is seizing the moment to highlight Trump’s role on January 6th. Ahead of Trump’s visit, Biden’s campaign released a new 30-second ad. In the video, the narrator says, “On January 6, Donald Trump lit a fire in this country. Stoking the flames of division and hate, now he’s pouring gasolinepledging to pardon the extremists who tried to overthrow our government, inciting them to try again.”


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