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According to two US officials speaking to various news outlets, the United States is sending another Patriot missile system to Ukraine.

President Biden approved the move yesterday for an additional Patriot system in response to Ukraine’s urgent requests for more air defense capabilities. This decision marks the second time the US has supplied Ukraine with this high-tech defense equipment, supplementing the undisclosed number of missiles already provided. Germany and other allies have also contributed similar air defense systems and munitions to support Ukraine’s defense efforts.

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This comes after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has been vocal about the need for more US-made Patriot systems. He emphasized that these systems are crucial in combating the approximately 3,000 bombs Russia deploys monthly. Zelenskyy, speaking in Madrid, stressed the need for an additional seven Patriot systems to protect Ukraine’s power grid, civilian areas, and military targets from Russian glide bombs. He said, “If we had these modern Patriot systems, (Russian) airplanes wouldn’t be able to fly close enough to drop the (glide) bombs on the civilian population and the military.”

The US has continuously encouraged allies to supply Ukraine with air defense systems, although many nations, particularly those in Eastern Europe, are hesitant due to their own security concerns.


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