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Israel has confirmed that at least 11 Israelis were wounded after an explosive-laden drone attack claimed by Hezbollah struck northern Israel on Wednesday.

Hezbollah claimed responsibility for the assault, describing it as retaliation for recent deadly IDF strikes in southern Lebanon. These included an attack on Tuesday in Naqoura that resulted in the death of a Hezbollah member. Magen David Adom’s director-general, Eli Bin, confirmed to Israeli media that among the wounded, one individual was critically injured, three were moderately hurt, and the rest sustained minor injuries.

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In response, the IDF launched retaliatory strikes on various Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon, including infrastructure in Naqoura and Matmoura, buildings in Ayta ash-Shab, and an observation post in Khiam. Artillery was also deployed to eliminate threats in the area. Since October 8, Hezbollah-led forces have persistently attacked Israeli border communities and military positions, citing support for Gaza amidst the war. These assaults have resulted in significant casualties on both sides.

Hezbollah has since reported the deaths of 330 members due to Israeli military strikes, primarily in Lebanon, and 62 people from other groups, alongside civilian casualties.

Israel has signaled a willingness for diplomatic solutions but has also threatened full-scale war to ensure security in the northern part of the country. Earlier this week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned “We are prepared for a very intense operation in the north. One way or another, we will restore security to the north.”


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