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A top US Senator on the Intelligence Committee has warned of increased threats to the upcoming election.

Senate Intelligence Chair Mark Warner (D-VA) has raised concerns about potential dangers to the forthcoming election, suggesting that the United States might face greater vulnerabilities now than it did four years ago. In an interview with The Associated Press, Warner pointed to several factors heightening these risks, including the rise in political candidates spreading disinformation, advanced artificial intelligence (AI) programs, and sophisticated disinformation tactics from Russia and China.


Senator Warner said, “We may be less prepared 155 days out in 2024 than we were under President Trump [in 2020].” He also criticized tech companies and social media platforms for rolling back efforts to stop election “misinformation.”

Some recent examples include Twitter (now commonly referred to as X), allowing content that Warner deems “misinformation” about vaccines, election integrity, and other issues. YouTube, another large platform, recently allowed content that denies the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election and other claims related to voter fraud.

This development comes as various US government agencies, including the FBI, DNI, and the CIA, have warned that foreign adversaries, including China, Russia, and Iran, will seek to influence the 2024 elections.


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