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The Republican National Committee (RNC) has confirmed that they are preparing for the potential incarceration of former President Trump during the convention. The GOP’s presumptive nominee faces significant legal challenges, prompting the party’s chair to outline contingency plans.

RNC Chair Michael Whatley disclosed these preparations during an appearance on Newsmax. He said, “Yeah, we’re working on that right now. I’m actually going up to Milwaukee this week, and we’re going to have a series of conversations.” He added, “We expect that Donald Trump is going to be in Milwaukee and he’s going to be able to accept that nomination, and if not, we will make whatever contingency planning we need to make for it.”

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Whatley, who became RNC chair in March, refrained from sharing specific details but assured that all options are being considered to facilitate Trump’s communication with his supporters, even if he is incarcerated. “We want to have a show that is going to roll out Donald Trump and his vision for America.”

This planning comes after Trump was found guilty last Thursday on 34 felony counts related to falsifying business records to cover up alleged extramarital affairs during his 2016 presidential campaign. With his sentencing set for July 11, just days before the RNC convention, the party is considering various scenarios.

Trump has promised to appeal the verdict, making immediate imprisonment less likely. Despite this, GOP senators and other Republicans argue that his ability to campaign should remain unhindered. Speaker Mike Johnson has even called for the Supreme Court to intervene.


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