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Senator JD Vance has called on Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate a gag order placed on Former President Donald Trump during his New York trial.

In his letter, Senator Vance argues that the gag order is unconstitutional and could be in violation of a Reconstruction-era statute designed to protect the rights of freed slaves, suggesting that it now applies to Trump’s case. Vance also accused Judge Merchan of establishing what he describes as a “kangaroo court” and criticizes the judge’s partiality, citing instances where Merchan has allegedly been biased against Trump and his defense team.

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Vance insisted that the Justice Department, familiar with these federal statutes due to their involvement in similar charges against Trump related to the 2020 election, should at least investigate. He also argued that Merchan’s gag order has placed restraints on Trump, who is a leading candidate for the presidential election, and argues that the order has unfairly prevented Trump from questioning the credibility of witnesses against him.

The letter also accuses Judge Merchan of favoring the prosecution by allowing the introduction of certain evidence while restricting the defense’s ability to present their case fully. Vance points to a specific instance where Trump’s legal team was barred from informing the jury that the prosecution was “novel, unusual or unprecedented.”

This comes as Trump has vocally criticized Manhattan Criminal Court Justice Juan Merchan, who issued the gag order barring Trump from publicly commenting on witnesses, prosecutors, court staff, or the judge’s family. This order does not prevent him from attacking Merchan or Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Despite the restrictions, Trump has been found in contempt multiple times for violating the order, with Merchan even threatening jail time.


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